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Joe Kozlowski

Joe Kozlowski

Lititz, PA


I started shooting seriously in the 1960's as a freelance photographer in San Francisco. Then I stopped shooting seriously and started shooting for myself.

We always hope other people like what we do but, either way, it seems we keep doing it ... doing what we do is not really a choice.

For what it's worth, I was born in Upstate New York. I was schooled at Syracuse University and Shimer College but I don't think my schooling got in the way of my education. I've lived and worked in Chicago, San Francisco, Cleveland, Grand Rapids (MI), The Poconos and the Metropolitan NY areas. My father was a portrait artist and art teacher (you can find his bio listed on Wikipedia). I've been involved in all aspects of photography for more than 40 years and I've won national awards for advertising design and art direction during my corporate incarnation. I am currently involved exclusively in the production and sale my photographic prints.

FineArtAmerica provides unsigned prints. If you're interested in signed prints, feel free to contact me directly using the e-mail link above..

I'm grateful that you've come to look at my work and I encourage you to e-mail or leave comments. Feedback is a wonderful thing!

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I shoot with Canon bodies as well as Tamron & Canon lenses exclusively. Post production is done with Photoshop and more recently, G.I.M.P., an open source photo editing alternative.

One-man show:
Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery at the Amerind Museum, Dragoon, AZ, May 1 - Dec 31, 2012

I'm extremely proud that twenty four of my prints are now part of the museum's permanent collection.

One-man show:
Porter Hall Gallery at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, Tucson, AZ, Jan 18 - Feb 17, 2014

All of my work is 2003-2014, Joe Kozlowski -or- 2009-2014 Kworks Publishing LLC, a publishing company of which I am sole owner. All rights reserved.




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